Experience Required:



3 Hours


Water, Coffee, Tea

Soft Non-Marking Shoes, Warm Jacket,

Hat, Sunglasses

In this Course we cover the following areas of knowledge and skill:

  • Weather Conditions
  • Boat Start / Stop procedures
  • Departure from Berth
  • Close Quarter Manoeuvring
  • Berthing in reverse and forward
  • Mooring Line management

The Berth Master
32ft Yacht
$395 per person

The Berth Master
40ft Yacht
$495 per person

The Berth Master
$595 per person

Have you have logged hundreds of miles, crossed oceans but still nervous about berthing a boat?

You are not the only one!

Get that out your system as we practice berthing and all the things that go with it.

Select your luxury yacht – 32ft, 40ft or even a Catamaran

Join us on this 3 hour hands on berthing practice session in the Westhaven Marina.

The Berth Master course will give you a complete hands-on experience on the wheel working through the intricacies of successful berthing.

Your tutor will be one of our carefully selected and experienced tutors.

Our tutors are reknown for ensuring everyone is having fun whilst gaining a lifetime skillset in a safe and comfortable environment.